A unique vision on learning

Landgoed de Horst has been guided by a clear and evolving vision with an international perspective since 1959. This philosophy makes the learning experience at Landgoed de Horst unique and distinctive.

The philosophy is based on two key beliefs:

  • - Enterprise and leadership must be founded on cultural and historical awareness.
  • - Responsible enterprise is only possible with knowledge of developments in society.

So an issue, problem or topic never exists in isolation, but always in interconnection with other matters and developments. The ensuing belief is that issues or problems can only be recognised and approached in interconnection. Landgoed de Horst’s founder Charles Maitland had a crystal clear vision: people should have the opportunity to step back from their own company or organisation to achieve professional and personal development. Landgoed de Horst has been providing professionals with that opportunity for nearly six decades.

"He who has been trained to think on one subject only, will never be a good judge even in that one."
John Henry Newman | 19th-century clergyman and academic

Integrated thoughts, feelings and actions

The learning philosophy calls on participants to integrate their thoughts, feelings and actions when carrying out their professional responsibilities.

This integration of mind, body and heart is a common thread running through every aspect of learning and connecting with yourself, your organisation and society. It is reflected vividly in the mission to improve the quality of enterprise around the world. The focus is always on enabling professionals to increase their knowledge and expertise so they can perform their leadership role more effectively. Knowledge-sharing and connecting is vital in this area. The surroundings and meeting environments provide the content for learning and consequently play a key role in the process. Landgoed de Horst provides an optimally conducive atmosphere that stimulates thought and growth. This is at the heart of our hospitality concept.

Future-proof philosophy

Past, present and future come together. Our philosophy is both rooted in history and in tune with the times. It’s all about continually placing our founding principles and values in a contemporary context and aligning them to the needs of today’s leaders. Landgoed de Horst has always had an outward and international vision and this is why it has expanded its horizon to include the international community. We’re committed to helping develop the knowledge, skills and insights of leaders at the European level. This has led Landgoed de Horst to enter into an alliance with UK-based Sundridge Park Management Centre and Germany-based Pischetsrieder Consulting GmbH under the name ‘The European Management Initiative’. The ‘Effective Performance in European Management’ programme has been presented within this context. Segments of this programme take place in London, Berlin, Brussels and Noordwijk.

Another new aspect is approach that dovetails with the philosophy is the focus in the programmes on behavioural changes, alongside enriching knowledge, insight and skill. It is all about developing behaviour that is exemplary for the entire organisation. There has also been a clear shift in focus in recent years to ‘learning’ rather than ‘teaching’. This means maximum attention is given to sharing knowledge and experience.