Inspired by art

Landgoed de Horst’s founder Charles Maitland believed art and poetry are essential to creating an environment conducive to learning. This founding principle is reflected throughout Landgoed de Horst.

We see art, poetry and culture as key sources of inspiration for learning and dialogue. We create this unique atmosphere at Landgoed de Horst in close collaboration with the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

The art of learning

Art is more than just decoration at Landgoed de Horst: it contributes to the learning process and serves as a source of inspiration. Our aim is to use art to spur guests to contemplate, look at things from a different angle and place learning in a different context. We are committed to giving artists a platform and letting them establish a connection with the guests so that people don’t just see art, but actually experience it.

Landgoed de Horst also regularly brings art to life through Maitland Late. It’s a unique music, theatre or visual arts performance. It provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to be inspired by art and connect with each other in an inspiring setting.

Room for art

Art at Landgoed de Horst also extends to all the guest rooms and meeting rooms. The rooms feature works of art from all genres. These creations feel very much at home here and bring about an ambience that sparks imagination, thought and reflection.