Landgoed de Horst

Get inspired at Landgoed de Horst. Landgoed de Horst provides an inspiring context for an optimal learning experience. Why? Because we believe you learn the best:

  1. by being fully focussed on learning
  2. with our unique concept
  3. in a natural environment
  4. on a convenient location

Fully focussed on learning

Everything at Landgoed de Horst has been designed to ensure everyone can concentrate optimally on education, knowledge and development.

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Unique concept

The unique concept of Landgoed de Horst helps guests arrive at new insights.

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Natural environment with space for relaxation

Landgoed de Horst is an extraordinary haven for finding the perfect balance between intense learning and tranquil relaxation.

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Tailor-made service and convenient location

Our professionals possess the expertise needed to meet even the most exacting requirements of guests and organisations from around the world.

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"A fantastic location for our various gatherings. Good service from start to finish with great ambiance."
Barbara Oosterlee-Hagen | Managementboek

De Baak Seaside

We also have a location at the Dutch Seaside in Noordwijk.
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